Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque


Travel Advice - Sultanate of Oman Conduct

Omani people are known for their generous hospitality and warm nature – the country’s nationals live in perfect harmony with other cultures and nationalities from all around the world.

However, as in any country, visitors are kindly requested to adhere to a number of rules to ensure this mutual respect remains:

  • Please observe social customs and dress in an appropriate manner at all times
  • Artefacts, flora and fauna and heritage sites can be admired, but never touched or removed – this includes fruit and vegetables from private properties
  • Noise or loud music should be avoided when passing residential areas
  • People or private property should not be photographed without obtaining permission first
  • Garbage should be disposed off in designated bins at all times
  • Activities such as hiking or off-roading are at every visitor’s own risk, so please make sure to carry enough water, food, fuel and spare parts at all times
  • Do not camp in wadi beds; flash floods can occur occasionally
  • To ensure safety, do check that any tour guide or specialized tour operator used holds a valid license from the Ministry of Tourism.