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Schifffahrtsmuseum in Sur

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Oman’s rich seafaring heritage

Das Schifffahrtsmuseum in Sur ist Omans maritimer Geschichte und der traditionellen Bootsbaukunst gewidmet und zeugt damit von dem Handwerk, das für die Seefahrernation Oman von immenser Bedeutung war. Das Original der berühmten Fatah al Khair-Dhau ist hier ausgestellt.

Sur, Oman: Sur City is famous for its maritime heritage, which highlights the leading role that Omanis played in maritime navigation across a long period in history.

In order to preserve this heritage, and to ensure that the coming generations know of it, the Maritime Museum in the Wilayat of Sur was established to reflect various types of Omani maritime heritage.

Efforts have been made by the citizens of the wilayat and researchers in Omani heritage to preserve this slice of history.

The Museum was established in 1987 at the Al Orouba Club. Since its inception, it has been serving a scientific cause for the benefit of those interested in the Omani maritime history.

The museum includes several sections. The emblem of the wilaya ‚Al Ghanja Ship‘ is located at the entrance of the museum. In the middle of the ship section, there are different types of Omani ships.

The visitors can see images of famous makers of ships, locally called Al Wistad, in addition to images of a number of sailors and captains of ships locally called „Nokhidha,“ as well as photos of ports visited by those ships.