Top 10 des expériences à Oman


Top 10 des expériences à Oman

1. The Wadis

One of Oman‘s greatest natural wonders are the numerous Wadis that can be found across the country. Being a true insiders tip, the Wadi Ash Shuwaymiyah is - in my opinion – the most spectacular one. The harmony of nature‘s most beautiful colors and shapes will make you feel like you are experiencing an alternate reality.

2. Jebel Akhdar

As part of the Western Hajar Mountains, the so called „Green Mountain“ is the perfect getaway for hiking-enthusiasts and mountain-lovers. Abandoned villages, deep canyons and excellent hotels guarantee for a great stay. In April, when the famous roses are in full bloom, you can witness the distillation of rose water and get enchanted by the infatuating scent surrounding you.

3. Khareef Season in Salalah

It is one of the biggest natural phenomenons of the Arabian Peninsula. From June to September the monsoon „Khareef“ transforms the Dhofar region into a green shangri-la and an experience you will never forget.

4. Shooting stars in Wahiba Sands

You can't leave Oman without a little detour to the desert. The Rimal Al Wahiba, a 12.500km² desert, located in the east of Oman, is suited best for such an excursion. Rest your head on the sand and watch the galaxies trying to outshine each other.

5. Forts

A visit to one of the numerous forts in Oman is an exciting jouney into the history of the country and should not be missed. The historic sites date back centuries and were built for protection. Some of them are open to visitors (Jabreen Castle, Bahla Fort, etc.) and offer beautiful views over the Arabian Sea and Omani landscapes.

6. Sultan Qaboos Mosque

Muscats big Mosque is not only an architectural masterpiece but also one of the main attractions in the Capital Area. Spacious and beautifully planted, the Sultan Qaboos Mosque stuns its visitors and appears like an oasis amidst the vivid city life.

7. Misfah Al Abriyeen

Famous as Sultan Qaboos favorite village, the picturesque Misfah Al Abriyeen is the perfect place to experience the traditional Omani life. Walking along the falaj will make you feel like you just got out of a time machine.

8. Dhow-cruise in Musandam

People call this exclave in the North of Oman the „Norway of Arabia“. A Dhow-trip along the exhilarating fjords should definitely be on your bucket list. Dolphin sightings guaranteed.

9. Markets and souqs

Every Friday morning the former Capitol Nizwa turns into a huge market place. Sheep, goats, bulls and camels are being sold in a traditional manner. If you're not looking to buy animals, the Mutrah Souq in Muscat is the perfect address for an authentic shopping experience. Here you can haggle with the locals over clothes, handicrafts, jewelery and frankinsence.

10. The Omani people

Last but not least, probably the main attraction of the country: its people. The Omanis are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Helpful, hospitable and forthcoming, they will forever hold a special place in your