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a sprawling market

Located along the coastal road in Seeb, this souq is a sprawling market selling anything from stunning traditional jewellery and luxurious perfume oils, to livestock and locally grown fruits.

Many of you will know Seeb Souq, to the north of the main Muscat International Airport, as a ring road consisting of local shops where you can buy your arabic clothing, hats, mobile phone or opulent furniture and jewellery. What many of you will not realise is that behind this unattractive frontage is a maze of traditional stalls and shops which are not only fun to explore, but will, unlike its cousin Mutrah Souq, save you money.

A great starting place for an explore of Seeb Souq is to drive along the ring road until you reach Seeb Mall on your left. Park your car, and keep walking along the road, about 100m on your right will be a mosque, take the right hand turn here and you will come across a small vegetable market. What in a supermarket would cost you 1 OMR will here cost you 100 Baisa. Not only this but the vegetables and meat are extremely fresh. Go early in the morning and you will find fish that have just come off the fisherman’s boat. As you move along these stalls the road will bend to the right and you will find a great 50m stretch of stalls with all sorts of goods, this includes local dates and halwa, which you can get for a tenth of the price of the supermarket. As you come to the end of this stretch of stalls you will find the traditional flour mill and more fish markets.