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Itinéraire Culturel de 3 jours

Qu’il s’agisse d’un week-end prolongé, d’une escale ou d’un court séjour en ville, trois jours à Oman peuvent vous laisser des souvenirs impérissables et vous donner envie pour votre prochaine visite.


Jour 1


Located less than two hours from Muscat, Sur is a great place to visit thanks to its rich cultural heritage. Sur is home to the last remaining Dhow yard in Oman, where visitors have the unique chance to witness how traditional Dhows are made by hand. Close to the Dhow factory, the Sur Maritime Museum focusses on the city’s maritime history as trading and Dhow building centre. Travelling in the direction of the lagoon, visitors can see Al Ayjah and its lighthouse overlooking the sea.


Jour 2

Dunes d’A’Sharqiyah

Le village de Bidiyah est un point de départ idéal pour une excursion dans le désert. Les voyagistes locaux proposent des excursions d’une journée dans le désert en véhicule 4×4 ou à dos de dromadaire. Une expérience vraiment inoubliable.


Jour 3


Home to Nizwa Fort and Souq – both of which are attractions in their own right. With its massive circular watchtower and interior living spaces, this is a great example of an Omani fortification. The fort is surrounded by a sprawling souq, where visitors can spend hours bargaining for local pottery, handicrafts and jewellery. The wadi and village of Tanuf is a 20-minute drive away from Nizwa Fort. Here you can explore old ruins and walk along the river before setting out for your return to Muscat.