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Itinéraire Aventure de 3 Jours

Qu’il s’agisse d’un week-end prolongé, d’une escale ou d’un court séjour en ville, trois jours à Oman peuvent vous laisser des souvenirs impérissables et vous donner envie pour votre prochaine visite.


Jour 1

Daymaniyat Islands

The Daymaniyat Islands are a beautiful marine reserve off the coast of Muscat. There is nothing better than spending the day exploring coral reefs and watching turtle and colourful fish swim past in the azure waters of the islands. The island is also a host to migratory and indigenous birds. The islands are a great location for camping, with the peak camping season being from October to February.


Jour 2

A’Sharqiyah Sands

Located about a three-hour drive from Muscat, the Sharqiyah Sands are a beautiful expanse of desert. This region in Oman is very popular for desert safaris, quad biking and more. What better way to explore the desert than on the back of a camel or in the comfort of a 4WD vehicle. End the day by setting up a campsite or booking a desert camp where a night under the glittering night sky is always a special experience.

Jebel Al Akhdar

Jour 3

Jebel Al Akhdar

As one of Oman’s highest points, Jebel Al Akhdar offers a day of fun exploration in a truly unique spot in the Arabian Peninsula. Enjoy the cool climate up in the mountains. Jebel Al Akhdar has numerous hiking trails, some passing mountain villages, others through wadis and abandoned settlements which overlook a spectacular landscape of dramatic terrace, peaks, gorges and wadis.