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a protected area

Het watergebied Al Ansab ligt in het midden van Muscat. Het is een beschermd gebied en een paradijs voor vogelliefhebbers. Ongeveer 300 verschillende soorten vogels bezoeken het gedurende verschillende tijden in het jaar en er leven meer dan 80 inheemse soorten.

Muscat: Colours and fragrance fill the air at Al Ansab Wetland where winter sees the best of plants and trees bloom. The wetland has 113 species of Omani trees and shrubs.

“The wetland has been there since mid- to late 80s but it was not the way it is now. At that time, may be it was used for treating purposes. Since 2011, we started focusing more on it and made a lot of changes. It is now all treated water and therefore you do not have any smell in the wetland areas,” said Hussain Hassan Abdul Hussain, CEO of Haya Water.

“With the addition of shrubs and trees, we are attracting more birds. Initially, 150 bird species were reported. Now, it is more than 300.”

The wetland has five lagoons, the biggest of which has a depth of four metres. The water, besides attracting birds, also supports greenery.

Most of the trees and shrubs are naturally grown. But Haya Water team planted 300 trees to create a forest area, which have all grown and today provide extended shade. In the process, there have been other trees that have sprouted naturally such as banyan trees and date palms.

A little further away, adjacent to the nursery of the wetland, the team planted more trees.