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Learn about the oil and gas industry

Het Omaans expositiecentrum voor olie en gas toont door middel van interactieve opstellingen het hele traject van ontdekking en extractie tot het gebruik van fossiele brandstoffen in Oman.

Dit centrum is in 1995 opgericht door de grootste oliemaatschappij van Oman, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), en is vooral interessant voor bezoekers die meer willen leren over de olie- en gasindustrie en de bijdrage aan de groei van infrastructuur in Oman.

Het PDO-planetarium ligt naast het centrum en beschikt over een koepel met digitaal systeem om zowel kinderen als volwassenen op een interessante manier meer over astronomie bij te brengen.

With the different visitor groups to the Centre in mind, the information has been divided into the following themes:-​​​

  • Origin: the logical starting point for each story about oil and gas.

  • Quest: the surveying techniques which are used to search for the possible existence of oil and gas.

  • Discovery: exploratory drilling.

  • Production: This explains the different techniques which are used to produce oil and gas.

  • Transport: This explains how oil and gas are transferred from production fields to Mina |Al Fahal (MAF) at the coast.

  • Products: This explains broadly what happens with oil and gas produced by PDO by showing the principle of refining and some of the products derived from oil and gas.

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery {EOR}: EOR is the name given to complex production methods used once oil wells stop producing.

  • Caring for Our Environment: This explains the aspects on how PDO is taking care of the environment.

  • Investing in our communities: On the social investment front, we have stepped up vocational training programmes in small towns and villages with more than 300 people trained in English, IT and administrative skills and tailoring.

  • A Safe Business is a Good Business: This shows what sort of precautions PDO has implemented to ensure it conducts a safe business