Salmah Plateau

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Camping Hot Spot

For a real off-road adventure, a trip to Salmah Plateau offers a great mix of panoramic views, traditional villages and sights such as the Beehive Tombs of Al Jaylah/Shir or the entrance to Majlis Al Jinz, one of the largest cave chambers in the world.

The Salmah Plateau is located in the Eastern Hajar mountains, and if you have been to the Western Hajar mountains you will notice a striking difference. Here the hills form a gentler landscape that is mostly devoid of vegetation, giving the Salmah Plateau and the surrounding mountains a desolate feel.

Don’t let that slow you down, however. The gentler landscape is a result of a soft, young rock, which allows for a greater rate of erosion from water, causing fantastic natural features above ground and below.

The Salmah Plateau, and surrounding mountains, is home to no less than seven underground cave entrances, three of which portal spelunkers down into the world renown Majlis al Jinn (Meeting Place of the Spirits), one of the largest cave chambers in the world. Access is only available via a 118-158 meter rappel into thin air, depending on which entrance used. The cave chamber measures about 310 by 225 meters with a 120 meter tall domed ceiling that is only 40 meters thick and contains the three entrances.