Misfat Al Abryeen


Dhofar Dhofar Dhofar Al Batinah Al Batinah Al Batinah Al Buraimi Al Buraimi Al Buraimi Muscat Muscat Muscat A’Sharqiyah A’Sharqiyah A’Sharqiyah Al Wusta Al Wusta Al Wusta A’Dhahirah A’Dhahirah A’Dhahirah A’Dakhiliyah A’Dakhiliyah A’Dakhiliyah Musandam Musandam Musandam Salalah Salalah Muscat Salalah Muscat

A’Dakhiliyah, meaning ‘The Interior’, is a land-locked governorate comprised of a portion of the Al Hajar Mountain range and eight separate districts: Adam, Al Hamra, Bahla, Bidbid, Izki, Manah, Nizwa and Samail.

Some of Oman’s greatest attractions are in this region, including the Sultanate’s highest mountain – Jebel Shams – and Jebel Al Akhdar, a mountainous plateau that is known for its green terrace fields brimming with roses, pomegranates and other fruit. The Al Hoota Caves, a recently-restored vast cave system estimated to be over two million years old and rich with stalactites and stalagmites, and many ancient castles and forts which have also been beautifully restored and are now open to the public are also of interest, especially UNESCO World Heritage Sites the Bahla Fort and the renowned Nizwa Fort and Souq.