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Special Interests

If you are looking for special interests, the Sultanate of Oman offers a wide range of options ensure that you satisfy special interest. Beaches, resorts, and pristine nature are suitable places for practicing solitude, relaxation, and recreation, away from noise and bustle. Other scientific, social, cultural, environmental and sports interests can be satisfied through the tourism patterns, ingredients and sites that the Sultanate of Oman abounds in.


Wildlife Spotting

Wildlife Spotting Oman
Just before dawn, the nesting green turtles at Ras al Jinz slowly drag themselves back to the safety of the sea after a night spent laying eggs in the sandy beach. These turtles are a protected species as one of the five types of sea turtle that can be found nesting in Oman. Moving inland, you can arrange to view the Arabian oryx who are found in a wildlife reserve set within a vast plain. The more dedicated wildlife spotter may be lucky to the Arabian gazelle in the low hills throughout Oman or the Nubian ibex in the southern region. Sighting the more elusive animals, such as the Arabian wolf or that is possible when accompanied by an expert guide.

Whale Watching

Whale Watching
Oman’s seas are home to 20 different species of whales and dolphins, making it an important area for roughly 25% of the world’s population of these mammals. From bottle nosed and spinner dolphins, killer whales and on to blue whales, the majestic mammals are drawn close to Oman’s coast by the richness of the feeding grounds. Take an organised trip to the sea from Khasab, Muscat or Salalah and a sighting is often made within moments. Perhaps the dolphins are watching you as they frolic alongside the boat, or you may see a humpback whale coming up for air on the horizon. Dolphin and whale watching is really a ‘must do’ activity when in Oman. Who knows, perhaps you’ll get close to some of the biggest animals on the planet.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching
From the endemic Omani owl (Strix omanensis) to the widespread peregrine falcon, Oman is home to an extraordinary variety of birds. If you stay long enough, around 500 species of birds await your discovery. Some, like the crab plover, can only be found along the shores of Oman’s more remote coastlines; while others, like sunbirds, can be found throughout the entire country. A day or a few weeks, whatever your time, Oman offers some truly exceptional bird watching opportunities.

Charter Flights

Charter Flights
Do you plan to visit unfamiliar tourist destinations? You can have a comfortable trip in places far from the main cities, and interesting tours in the off-peak seasons. The Charter Flights are of great economic importance in the Sultanate of Oman and many events and activities are associated with it, as it offers exceptional opportunities suitable for many luxury resorts and accommodations at competitive and attractive prices.Dhofar Governorate is a sample for this type of tourism, with a plan of action to expand in the zones and airports of Musandam Governorate, Sohar and Duqm to operate charter flights.


A destination that stands as a shining jewel in its own right. Nestled in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, this magnificent country boasts an incredible tapestry of natural wonders, making it the perfect canvas for your dream destination wedding.And what could be more enchanting than exchanging vows in this beautiful country? Oman’s breathtaking landscapes are legendary, from the towering Al Hajar Mountains to the mystical Wahiba Sands, and the idyllic shores of the Arabian Sea. These natural wonders provide a stunning backdrop for your celebration, making every moment truly magical.As you embark on your journey to forever, let the Sultanate of Oman be the canvas for your love story. With its rich culture, moderate climate, strategic location, and unparalleled natural beauty, it’s an ideal venue for the destination wedding of your dreams. Welcome to Oman, where your love story will become an unforgettable tale of romance and adventure.

Cruise ships

Cruise ships Oman
The cruise ship sector has received a considerable attention in the Omani tourism strategy. This comes by harnessing all capabilities and providing the necessary facilities, and the flexibility to obtain the required licenses and permits in coordination with government and private agencies and international companies that own and operate these cruise ships.Therefore, the ports of the Sultanate of Oman are considered a major stop for many cruise ships. Discover endless excitement on board the ships that visit Sultan Qaboos Tourist Port, Khasab Port, and Salalah Port during the period from October to May.Cruise passengers can visit tourist attractions, as there are many packages, programs and services provided by travel and tourism companies and public and private transportation, to get to know the attractive tourist destinations in the Sultanate of Oman.

World-class Golf Clubs in Muscat

World class Golf Clubs in Muscat
Golf has a history in the Sultanate dating back to 1970s. There are many world-class golf clubs in Muscat – Al Mouj Golf Club, Muscat Hills Golf and Country Club, Ghala Valley Golf Club, and Ras Al Hamra Golf Club. The perfect golfing weather is usually experienced between September and May.Local golf clubs feature state-of-the-art facilities with a specialized club, golf cart rental service, and qualified coaches who can introduce golf to beginners through personal training.

Film Production

Film Production
International filmmakers may find what they are looking for in the Sultanate of Oman, as it is an attractive destination for shooting movies due to its tourist attractions and unique terrain and geographical locations. In tandem these tprovide magnificent loactions for scenes in the film and television industry, such as forts, castles, islands, mountains, coasts, plains, and valleys.The Sultanate of Oman is also characterised by the diversity of tourism experiences and activities that suit various themes and types of films and cinema. The facilities, along with the presence of many local companies supporting this field, make choosing the Sultanate of Oman of great benefit.The Sultanate of Oman is rich in its architecture, customs, traditions, and features. We are ready to welcome you at any time. What do you think of an exciting scene from Snake canyon, or by climbing the slopes of Jabal Shams, or chasing colourful fish in the Daymaniyat Islands?

Royal Oman Police

ROP Emergency Number
Muscat Governorate Police Headquarters
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Al-Batinah North Governorate Headquarters
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A’Sharqia North Governorate Police Headquarters
A’Sharqia North
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A’Sharqia South
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Al Wusta
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