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Nizwa Souq scaled

Nizwa – Nizwa is a city brimming with culture and heritage. The souq is known for its silverware and pottery, but it is on Friday’s that the whole region seems to gather here for the weekly animal market. The fort with its large circular tower is visible from afar – and a good landmark to keep looking out for when exploring the old part of Nizwa just behind the souq.


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Ash Sharqiyah – First, stop in Wadi Bani Khalid for a dip in the fresh aquamarine pools and then head straight to Ash Sharqiyah Sands, which offers a variety of activities for a fun-filled day – desert safaris, camel rides, dune driving, quad biking, sunset watching, camping. The drive offers spectacular views through the surrounding mountains, villages and palm groves.


كاياك بندر الخيران

Muscat – Oman’s capital is very family friendly, with malls having dedicated fun zones and parks with play areas. It is, however, the beach that draws most families, whether it is for a picnic, to swim, a game of beach football, or just to stroll and enjoy the sunset. Water sports activities such jet skiing or banana boat rides are available at Qurum Beach and most beachfront resorts.

Royal Oman Police

ROP Emergency Number
Muscat Governorate Police Headquarters
(+968) 24648007
Dhofar Governorate Police Headquarters
(+968) 23234599
Musandam Governorate Police Headquarters
(+968) 26730299
Al Buraimi Governorate Police Headquarters
Al Buraimi
(+968) 25650099
Al Dakhiliya Governorate Police Headquarters
Al Dakhiliya
(+968) 25414899
Al-Batinah North Governorate Headquarters
Al-Batinah North
(+968) 26859499
Al-Batinah South Governorate Headquarters
Al-Batinah South
(+968) 26875099
A’Sharqia North Governorate Police Headquarters
A’Sharqia North
(+968) 25570099
A’Sharqia South Governorate Police Headquarters
A’Sharqia South
(+968) 25545070
Al Dhahirah Governorate Police Headquarters
Al Dhahirah
(+968) 25650099
Al Wusta Governorate Police Headquarters
Al Wusta
(+968) 23436099
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