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Are you looking for ideas and suggestions to plan a perfect trip to the Sultanate of Oman? In this section, you’ll find special programs for various trips that will help you make the most of your time every day for a memorable journey.Starting with family trips and moving on to exploring Omani culture or a mix of adventures, here you’ll find a range of suggestions to choose from that suit your interests and fulfill your passions. Discover what you can experience when visiting the Sultanate.We welcome you and hope to see you soon in Oman

Nature & Adventure

Oman is the land of adventures, starting from exploring the Hoota Cave, going through the experience of zip-lining in Musandam Governorate, as well as hiking on mountain trails in the Riam Walkway or through metal wires in Wadi Bani Auf….



The Sultanate of Oman is globally renowned for its unique culture and rich heritage, evident in its authentic Omani traditions, lifestyle, living patterns, societal cohesion, mutual support, architectural and construction arts….

Special Interests

If you are looking for special interests, the Sultanate of Oman offers a wide range of options ensure that you satisfy special interest. Beaches, resorts, and pristine nature are suitable places for practicing solitude, relaxation, and recreation, away from noise and bustle….

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Cultural Activities (1)


The Sultanate of Oman embraces many entertainment places that meet different tastes and different age groups. In addition to the gardens, parks and commercial complexes that are found in most of the governorates of the Sultanate of Oman, the development of electronic .

Royal Oman Police

ROP Emergency Number
Muscat Governorate Police Headquarters
(+968) 24648007
Dhofar Governorate Police Headquarters
(+968) 23234599
Musandam Governorate Police Headquarters
(+968) 26730299
Al Buraimi Governorate Police Headquarters
Al Buraimi
(+968) 25650099
Al Dakhiliya Governorate Police Headquarters
Al Dakhiliya
(+968) 25414899
Al-Batinah North Governorate Headquarters
Al-Batinah North
(+968) 26859499
Al-Batinah South Governorate Headquarters
Al-Batinah South
(+968) 26875099
A’Sharqia North Governorate Police Headquarters
A’Sharqia North
(+968) 25570099
A’Sharqia South Governorate Police Headquarters
A’Sharqia South
(+968) 25545070
Al Dhahirah Governorate Police Headquarters
Al Dhahirah
(+968) 25650099
Al Wusta Governorate Police Headquarters
Al Wusta
(+968) 23436099

شرطة عُمان السلطانية

رقم الطوارئ لشرطة عُمان السلطانية
قيادة شرطة محافظة مسقط
24648007 (968+)
قيادة شرطة محافظة ظفار
23234599 (968+)
قيادة شرطة محافظة مسندم
26730299 (968+)
قيادة شرطة محافظة البريمي
25650099 (968+)
قيادة شرطة محافظة الداخلية
25414899 (968+)
قيادة شرطة محافظة شمال الباطنة
شمال الباطنة
26859499 (968+)
قيادة شرطة محافظة جنوب الباطنة
جنوب الباطنة
26875099 (968+)
قيادة شرطة محافظة شمال الشرقية
شمال الشرقية
25570099 (968+)
قيادة شرطة محافظة جنوب الشرقية
جنوب الشرقية
25545070 (968+)
قيادة شرطة محافظة الظاهرة
محافظة الظاهرة
25650099 (968+)
قيادة شرطة محافظة الوسطى
23436099 (968+)