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Privacy Policy

This privacy and security policy statement concerns how staging.support.experienceoman.om collects and uses your personal information.

Experienceoman.om links to websites owned and operated by other businesses, such as for example wego.com. Experience Oman does not have access to private and personal information gathered by those websites, unless it is explicitly mentioned in this privacy policy. Experience Oman is not responsible for the content of or processing of private and personal information on other websites. For more information, please see each website’s privacy and security policy statement.


If you have questions or comments about this statement or how we treat personal information, you can contact us at info@omantourism.gov.om or send mail to:
Att: Experience Oman P.O. Box 200, P. C. 115
Madinat Al-Sultan Qaboos
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman


Experienceoman.om is the official travel portal for Sultanate of Oman and is published by Experience Oman and commissioned by Ministry of Tourism. Several markets have local variants of staging.support.experienceoman.om such as https://staging.support.experienceoman.om/de in Germany. This Privacy Statement applies to all Experience Oman sites.


Experience Oman’s Tourism Director Salim Aday Al Mamari, and his appointed people, has the formal responsibility for the processing of your personal information.


It is entirely voluntary for those visiting the website to provide personal information in connection with services to receive newsletters, order information material and brochures, enroll in events, and so on.
We will use information about you for any of the following purposes:

  • To make it easy for you to find destinations, events and other information about Norway as a tourist destination.
  • Use of e-mail and postal address for sending out newsletters and other physical materials via our website and other channels.
  • Provide information about meetings and events.
  • For statistics, aggregation and management of sites and services. Information is obtained in order to allow Visitnorway.com to get further information about the users, including how users come to the site, as well as tracking general usage patterns of users on our website. We use this information to manage and enhance the site.


We process both personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information about you. Personally identifiable information is information that identifies you as an individual. Non-personally identifiable information is information and any other details that do not reveal your personal identity.

Personally identifiable information We collect and process the following information:

  • You can subscribe to newsletters so that you receive emails from Experience Oman on current news. For us to send email to the appropriate subscriber, you must register your first and last names, as well as an email address.
  • If you direct a request to Experience Oman via the web, such as sending us an email, relevant information could be stored, such as name and email address.
  • When you visit staging.support.experienceoman.om your IP address is recorded. We do not link this information directly to you as a user. The information is used to manage and maintain our sites. Examples of information that this data provides: How many people visit different sites, how long the visit lasts, what websites users are coming from and which browser is used. This enables us to develop better and more user-friendly services. See more about web analytics and cookies below.
    User reviews Experienceoman.om may, by agreement with TripAdvisor, collect and display reviews from users who have published information on relevant destinations and products on TripAdvisor. You have waived all rights you may have in such user reviews. Your assessment(s) can be freely used, copied, distributed and published in any medium, and in any form, without your permission. See TripAdvisor’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

We do not edit user reviews published on TripAdvisor and cannot be held responsible for such user reviews, or any further use, distribution, or republication of them. Experience Oman neither confirms nor endorse opinions or attitudes expressed in user reviews as individual personal beliefs. Any decision made on the basis of reviews or comments that are on staging.support.experienceoman.om, is at your own risk.
Surveys Experience Oman may use different software for user surveys. It is voluntary to participate in user surveys, and we collect your explicit consent.


Experience Oman does not gather information about your age and does not purposely process information about children under 15 years of age.


The legal basis for processing of personal information is given in The Personal Information Act of 14 April 2000 number 31, §8 and the EU’s Privacy Directive 95/46/EC Article 7, as processing of personal data is necessary to fulfil orders (Personal Data Act § 8a and Policy directives Article 7b), and to fulfil the purpose behind staging.support.experienceoman.om (personal Data Act § 8f and privacy Article 7f).

It is voluntary for those visiting the website to provide personal information in connection with services to receive newsletters, order information material and brochures, enroll in events, and so on. Unless otherwise specified, your consent or agreement to such processing is considered given when you provide the information.


To ensure that the processing of information is carried out in a safe manner, only specifically authorized persons in Experience Oman headquartered in Sultanate of Oman and branches abroad, and our subcontractors and system suppliers (see below and section 9) will have access to the information you provide us. The number of employees with such approval is limited. Access to information is secured by access mechanisms.

We will not disclose, sell, distribute, rent, license, share or pass details or personal information to any third parties other than those who deliver and are contracted to deliver services to us, unless we have your express consent to do so.

Experience Oman has signed an agreement with various distribution partners who distribute our newsletters, brochures and other materials, so-called “routing.” Distribution partners are:

Oman Post

We will not share personal information with our distribution partners to a greater extent than is necessary to complete the purpose, such as sending out brochures and newsletters. By contract, our suppliers may not use or disclose your personal information for other purposes, without your permission.


It is voluntary to subscribe to newsletters. Newsletters contain current information about Sultanate of Oman, but may also contain commercial information about products and services from suppliers in Sultanate of Oman, and so on. The newsletters are sent out 1-2 times a month. You can unsubscribe at any time via a link in the newsletter.

We do not allow any third party to use your personal data for marketing or communication purposes.


Experience Oman has signed an agreement with the following data handlers:

Siteground (www.siteground.com/)

All Experience Oman sites are currently located on servers in Oman, but our data processors have reserved the right to transmit information to servers or subcontractors in other countries.

If we pass personal information to third parties located outside the EEA (European Economic Area), we will ensure that the transfer is in accordance with EU Directive on personal data.


We have established rules and procedures for the protection of personal data and privacy.

When we treat “non personally identifiable information” combined with “personally identifiable information” (for example your name combined with geographical location) the collected information is treated as personally identifiable information.

If we share your personal information with a third party, we will ensure that there are arrangements and agreements in place to ensure the safety of the information and prevent that the third party uses the personal information for purposes other than what was agreed.

We shall use all reasonable precautions to ensure that our employees, data processors and third parties who have access to information about you have adequate information to ensure that they treat such information in accordance with this statement and our obligations under privacy legislation.


You have the right to know how your personal information is processed by an enterprise, under the Personal Data Act, §18, paragraph 1. Experience Oman has given this information in this statement.

If Experience Oman handles personal information about you, you are entitled to access your own information. If personal information is inaccurate, incomplete or inaccessible, you can ask Experience Oman to correct the information. See contact information in the introduction to this declaration.

We do not process and store information about you for longer than necessary for the intended purpose, or as required under existing agreements, and not beyond legal limits. We delete personal information when a user gives notice that he/she no longer wishes to use the service. For example, your email address used to send out newsletters is deleted when you unsubscribe. The same is done when we are notified of inactive email addresses.


Experience Oman may use the information that we collect about you when we have reason to believe that it is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against persons or entities that may harm you, us or others. We may also disclose your information when we believe it is required by law.


This privacy statement applies to all users of our website. We require that users agree to comply with the declaration as part of our relationship.

By using our website you accept that your personal data may be processed in accordance with this privacy policy, which includes transferring data to agents and third parties as described in this statement.

Experience Oman operates from Sultanate of Oman and is subject to Omani law. You agree that any disputes will be handled by the court in Muscat, in accordance with the laws of Sultanate of Oman, unless otherwise dictated by mandatory local law.


Experience Oman reserves the right to change or update the privacy statement. All changes are valid from the time of being posted, and will include information gathered from that date, as well as existing information held by Experience Oman.

You can find out when these guidelines were last revised by referring to the date given by “last updated” on this page.


Privacy and Security Policy last updated December 2021

Royal Oman Police

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Muscat Governorate Police Headquarters
(+968) 24648007
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(+968) 23234599
Musandam Governorate Police Headquarters
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Al Buraimi
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Al Dakhiliya Governorate Police Headquarters
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