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Eine malerische kleine Stadt

Das nur 25 km von Muscat entfernte Fanja ist eine malerische kleine Stadt, die von einer Dattelpalmenoase umgeben ist. Sehenswert sind der traditionelle Souk sowie einige Ruinen und aufgegebene traditionelle Häuser, die auf einer Rundwanderung durch die Stadt erkundet werden können.

Fanja is just about 25 kilometres from Muscat. It is a historical town renowned for its hot springs, forts and watch towers. But other than the natural beauty of the place, one of its top attractions is its traditional souq.

The turn on the road that indicates the direction of the souq takes you on a picturesque road with the Sultan Qaboos Mosque of Fanja to the left a hard reference point to miss.

Once you get to the area, a sudden splash of colour and the rush of different activities will definitely get your attention. The souq is a row of shops filled with merchandise depending on the interest of the shop owners