Khawr Ruri

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Das größte Naturschutzgebiet von Dhofar

Khor Ruri ist das größte Naturschutzgebiet im Bezirk Dhofar – und Heimat zahlreicher verschiedener Fischarten, Vögel und Pflanzen. Innerhalb dieses Schutzgebiets liegt das UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe Samharam. Wer gerne Vögel beobachtet, hat hier Gelegenheit, große Schwärme von Zugvögeln und heimischen Arten anzutreffen, wie beispielsweise Flamingos.

It is considered the most attractive to tourists as it contains Khawr Ruri port, famously known as Samharam. Nearby, there are important ruins that date back to prehistoric times. The port was often mentioned in Greek, Hellenic and Arabic historical scrolls, being the main port for the export of frankincense in Dhofar. Therefore the khawr (lagoon) has gained special status, as it is not only a nature reserve, but an important heritage reserve as well, and has been included in the World Heritage List. Before that, it was a natural reserve helping to maintain the biological balance, where many fish, birds and plants live. The lagoon is connected to Wadi Darbat.