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Eine Moschee wurde über dem Grab errichtet

Mohammed Bin Ali war ein islamischer Gelehrter des 14. Jahrhunderts, der in der Nähe von Mirbat begraben wurde. Über die Jahrhunderte wurde eine Moschee über dem Grab erbaut.

Dhofar has a rich history, with important pre-Islamic sites to be found for the adventurous. Bin Ali’s Tomb does not require too much exploration, situated just off a tarmac road rather than off the beaten track. Nestled in the craggy hills on the approach to the town of Mirbat, the road to the tomb of Bin Ali is quite a dramatic sight.

This sparkling white monument to Mohammed Bin Ali al Alawi make a powerful impact on the visitor. The setting is pretty unforgettable too, set in a huge cemetery with hundreds of tombstones rising from the green and brown ground like macabre sculptures.