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Die Ruinen von Salut

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Dating back to the beginning of Oman’s settlement

Das in der Nähe des Dorfes Bisyah gelegene Salut ist in mehrfacher Weise historisch bedeutsam. Der Bau der heute nur noch als Ruinen vorhandenen Strukturen reicht bis den Anfängen der Besiedelung Omans zurück. In den bislang nur teilweise restaurierten Überresten sind eine Festung, ein Bienenkorbgrab (wie in Bat und Shir) sowie eine tempelartige Struktur zu finden.

The historical significance of Salut is directly connected with the dawn of the Omani history, which first saw the light with the arrival of Arab tribes in Oman from different regions of the Arabian Peninsula. This site is witness to the beginning of settlements in Oman. Salut Archaeological Site is located on top of a rocky hill in A’Dakhiliyah Governorate.

Ruins have been found that date back to the Iron Age between the period 1,400 to 600 BC. There is no doubt that the location of Salut is one of the most important sites containing ruins that help explore the Iron Age, whose development in the eastern Arabian Peninsula is still not well understood .

From a historical and archaeological perspective, the site is noted for its fortified buildings and architectural style which is impressive for that era, in addition to the use of the Falaj Irrigation System.