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3-tägige Abenteuerreise

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Whether an extended weekend, stopover or short city break, three days in Oman can deliver lasting memories and build anticipation for your next visit.

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Daymaniyat Islands

Die Daymaniyat-Inseln sind ein wunderschönes Naturparadies vor der Küste Muscats.

Souk und Fischmarkt in Muttrah

Located close to each other along Muttrah’s scenic corniche, Muttrah Souq and Fish Market are the highlights of this historic waterfront. Early each morning, local fishermen sell their fresh catch at the fish market and Muttrah Souq is the perfect place to barter for traditional silver jewellery, Frankincense, fabrics and many more unique souvenirs.


Located at the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, the Oman Natural History Museum provides a fascinating insight into the geological heritage of the Sultanate and its impressive flora and fauna, with displays of mammals, insects and birds as well as a beautiful botanical garden outside.

Galerie Stal

This art gallery was created to promote modern visual arts and aims to bring local talent into the spotlight and provide a platform for internationally acclaimed artists. Visitors can find the gallery in Madinat Sultan Qaboos, close to the British Council.

Das Nationalmuseum Oman

Opened in 2016, the National Museum of Oman is located opposite the Sultan’s Palace in Old Muscat and showcases the Sultanate’s rich history and heritage, from its earliest settlement through to present day.

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A’Sharqiyah Sands

Die eine etwa dreistündige Fahrt von Muscat entfernen Sharqiyah Sands sind eine schöne Wüstenlandschaft.

Leuchtturm Al Ayjah

Offering panoramic views of Sur, the Al Ayjah Lighthouse was built by the Portuguese and was actually a defence tower turned lighthouse that used to guide Dhows safely into Sur lagoon. The tower is close to the Dhow Yard and Sur Maritime Museum.

Sharqiyah Sands

The Sharqiyah Sands allows visitors to experience the desert first hand, with dunes reaching as far as the horizon and the area teeming with wildlife. Dune bashing is one of the many favourite activities for visitors to the Sharqiyah Sands.

Schifffahrtsmuseum in Sur

Showcasing Oman’s maritime history and traditional boatbuilding craftsmanship, the Sur Maritime Museum bears testament to the trade that marks Oman’s rich seafaring heritage. The famous, original Fatah Al Khair dhow is displayed here.

Kamelmarkt von Sinaw

Fridays is camel market at Sinaw Souq, located at the edge of the Sharqiyah Sands and just a two-hour drive from Muscat. This bustling souq is mainly visited by Bedouins, who come from the entire region to buy and sell live stock and everyday items.

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Jebel Al Akhdar

Der Jebel Akhdar – einer der höchsten Berge Omans – verspricht einen abwechslungsreichen Tag an einem Ort, der auf der arabischen Halbinsel wirklich einzigartig ist. Genießen Sie das kühle Klima in den Bergen.


Founded over a quarter of a century ago by royal decree, Amouage is a world-renowned luxury fragrance brand with origins in the Sultanate. In the Amouage Factory, visitors can get behind the scenes and garner an insight into the creation of some of the world’s most exclusive scents.

Sohar Fort

Rather than the usual mud brick colour associated with forts in Oman, the Sohar Fort is completely white. Built during the 13th century, Sohar Fort now houses a small museum in its largest tower but an original 10km long tunnel that served as an escape route in the event of a siege is still intact.

Jebel Hareem

A haven for biking enthusiasts. Offering spectacular views and adventurous routes, Jebel Hareem is the highest peak in Musandam and a haven for biking enthusiasts. Local tour operators offer guided mountain biking tours to show visitors the best lookouts and most exciting tracks.

Bayt Al Marah Castle

Built by the Nabhani dynasty in the 17th century, this castle is a large mud-brick palace located in Yanqul, a remote village at the base of Jebel Al Hawra.