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Film Production

International filmmakers may find what they are looking for in the Sultanate of Oman, as it is an attractive destination for shooting movies due to its tourist attractions and unique terrain and geographical locations.  In tandem these  tprovide magnificent loactions for scenes in the film and television industry, such as forts, castles, islands, mountains, coasts, plains, and valleys.The Sultanate of Oman is also characterised by the diversity of tourism experiences and activities that suit various themes and types of films and cinema. The facilities, along with the presence of many local companies supporting this field, make choosing the Sultanate of Oman of great benefit.The Sultanate of Oman is rich in its architecture, customs, traditions, and features. We are ready to welcome you at any time. What do you think of an exciting scene from Snake canyon, or by climbing the slopes of Jabal Shams, or chasing colourful fish in the Daymaniyat Islands?

Royal Oman Police

ROP Emergency Number
Muscat Governorate Police Headquarters
(+968) 24648007
Dhofar Governorate Police Headquarters
(+968) 23234599
Musandam Governorate Police Headquarters
(+968) 26730299
Al Buraimi Governorate Police Headquarters
Al Buraimi
(+968) 25650099
Al Dakhiliya Governorate Police Headquarters
Al Dakhiliya
(+968) 25414899
Al-Batinah North Governorate Headquarters
Al-Batinah North
(+968) 26859499
Al-Batinah South Governorate Headquarters
Al-Batinah South
(+968) 26875099
A’Sharqia North Governorate Police Headquarters
A’Sharqia North
(+968) 25570099
A’Sharqia South Governorate Police Headquarters
A’Sharqia South
(+968) 25545070
Al Dhahirah Governorate Police Headquarters
Al Dhahirah
(+968) 25650099
Al Wusta Governorate Police Headquarters
Al Wusta
(+968) 23436099